Engaging Your Audience with CRM Videos

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Focusing on continued growth is a vital strategy for any business to succeed, but the existing audience’s sense of loyalty needs to be served equally. With the advent of live-service games and longer development cycles, games experience longer lifecycles than ever before, and keeping their user base engaged can be challenging.

CRM videos can have a significant impact on a game’s long-term success, and in our experience, we’ve found them to yield positive results for our clients. A well-executed CRM campaign can mean the difference between continued success and a title struggling to maintain relevancy and engagement.

Goals and Challenges of CRM Videos


CRM videos aim to keep your current audience engaged with your game. In our experience, a CRM campaign is best used when there is a new gameplay feature or in-game store sale. Using video content to highlight exciting new in-game events can lead to promising results.

The success rate of CRM videos tends to be quite straightforward to measure. User data will clearly show the adoption of new features, like levels and game mechanics. With in-game store sale items, it should be similarly effortless to check the data on sale upticks.

It’s paramount to the success of your CRM campaign that the video content doesn’t interrupt the gameplay experience. Even for exciting new features and content of interest to them, experienced players won’t want the gameplay loop disrupted. CRM videos are subject to the same challenges that all video marketing is, such as getting the message right and connecting with the right audience, but leaving the gameplay experience intact is arguably the top priority.

Implementing CRM Video Content


Crafting CRM videos is not a wildly different process from other marketing video types, but the language is more distinct. Because you’re catering to the needs of an existing audience, there’s more opportunity to use direct and specific language.

As CRM video isn’t aimed at acquiring new players, there’s more freedom to use terminologies found in-game and references to characters and lore, aspects of the game current players would already be familiar with. We feel that this approach brings substantial levels of unique charm to CRM video content.

We’ve seen that casual games in particular can benefit from using CRM video content. These games more often than not have in-game stores and hold regular sales, which makes them a perfect fit to benefit from CRM videos. Casual games often receive LiveOps updates – updates where a new version of the game doesn’t require a download – and video content can be a great method of pointing players in the direction of new features and sales. This can ensure players won’t miss out on new content, even in the event of a LiveOps update which might not notify them of new features.

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